Pricing, Quality, Craftsmanship and Value

08 August 2016 | General | Interior Design/Decorating

Pricing, Quality, Craftsmanship and Value

I had a lovely chat with an interior designer last week regarding the merits of Nicola Lawrence and the fact that my website lists the prices of each fabric and wallpaper. Showing the price is a debatable concept but I felt in establishing the business that as much detail should be available to customers as possible in order to assist with buying decisions.

It’s an interior designer/decorator’s lament that they often put considerable effort (and heart) into developing a beautiful scheme for a customer only to have it rejected due to cost.  We agreed that by showing the price of the item, the customer can then decide to proceed, to save up for a special piece, or to do nothing – and that ‘no one is hurt in the process’.

In relation to product price and value, it might help to consider the textile design process: the time taken for the textile designer to research, find inspiration, do the initial sketches, determine the palette, follow through to final design (often considering each pattern in relation to how it sits with a collection).  Then to printing; the quality of the base cloth or wallpaper; the palette and colour product. Most of the patterns in the Nicola Lawrence collection are hand blocked or hand screen printed.  This is a specialist process requiring years of practice and learning and each design must be tested and tested again across the colours and cloths chosen.  The designers of these collections have not out-sourced to cheaper labour in other countries, but importantly are fostering craftsmanship in their own countries.  The fabrics and wallpapers are printed in small lots and often printed to order.  Quality is high, product outcomes are exceptional.

Just as an example, the cushion fabric in the image above is ‘Lily and Auricula’ by Jean Monro and is hand blocked, using 24 blocks (the same blocks that have been used since 1855).  Ninety-four (94) applications are required (by hand) to complete one repeat of this fabric. The quality and depth of colour is sublime and can only be achieved by such careful and considered design and by processes used by very skilled craftsmen.  Click below to see a short video of this process.

When one considers the above, the value in pricing becomes apparent.  These textiles and papers are designed to last and to be enjoyed.  They are not mass produced.  They allow one to live in home that is beautiful and unique to them.  Further, they allow the traditional skills of true artisans to continue.

Please contact for further information.  Over the next day or two, another wonderful collection will be added as well as the new fabrics and wallpaper collection from Blithfield: Westbrook.

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