26 September 2018 | General


When Nicola Lawrence, Textiles and Papers was established in 2016 the idea was to offer beautiful fabrics and wallpapers to retail customers only. However the business has evolved by request from textiles designers/fabric houses, to being the exclusive trade representative in Australia for many of the collections.

Nicola Lawrence has subsequently taken the decision to re-focus the business, with a couple of exceptions, to offer only collections for which she has exclusivity in Australia and New Zealand. This simplifies arrangements for Nicola, for the textiles designers and for customers, both trade and retail.

So, the eagle eyed and interested viewer of the business and website will see some changes over the coming weeks with some collections being removed and new ones added. However, the wonderful collections that have or will be removed are still available for purchase via an email to Nicola Lawrence or through one's interior designer. Please do email with any enquries to nicola@nicolalawrence.com.au. It may also be that one or two of these collections return as their existing arrangements change or expire.

In relation to the lovely fresh Georgia Macmillan collection - retail purchases may be made through Nicola Lawrence, an interior designer or Georgia herself at georgia@georgiamacmillan.com.

The focus of the Nicola Lawrence collections remains making available to Australians and New Zealanders, both retail and trade, the opportunity to have beautifully hand printed textiles and wallpapers, on natural-fibre, high quality basecloths and papers - from the best textiles artisans and fabric houses globally.



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