Chelsea Textiles - Antiques of the Future

13 July 2016 | Interior Design/Decorating | New Textiles/Wallpapers | Profiles

Chelsea Textiles - Antiques of the Future

In establishing Nicola Lawrence, one of the motivations was to advance the work of designers and artisans who use and preserve traditional methods and crafts; skills that are at risk in an environment of mass production and fad following. 

One such company is Chelsea Textiles, a London based family business started in 1990 by Mona Perlhagen, a former fashion buyer for Bloomingdales in New York. Mona recognised that the art of needlepoint was a vanishing skill in the UK and worldwide and that this important art was at risk of being lost forever. Craftsmen were retiring and factories closing. Mona sought to redress this by researching and sourcing authentic materials and the world’s best craftsmen in order to produce hand embroidered fabrics of the same quality as those of the 17th and 18th centuries. The company’s design ethos has since evolved to encompass designs from the early 20th century.

Mona Perlhagen’s daughter Jenny, an history of art and design graduate, joined Chelsea Textiles in 2005 as the company’s chief designer. She continues the commitment to authentic detail, adding a freshness of approach and embracing new company directions. 

Chelsea Textiles produces an incredibly beautiful range of hand embroidered textiles and due to the scarcity of such craftsmanship, each piece is considered highly collectible and an antique of the future. The attention to detail and skill of the artisan has resulted in pieces of exquisite excellence. 

Chelsea Textiles works with leading interior decorators from around the world and has collaborated closely with designers such as Robert Kime, Alidad, Neisha Crosland, Kit Kemp and Domenica More Gordon on their own embroidery collections, under the umbrella of Chelsea Textiles. Chelsea Textiles embroidered fabrics are used fabulously in exclusive boutique hotels, such as the Firmdale Group’s Covent Garden, Haymarket, Soho, Charlotte Street and Crosby Street Hotels – for all of which Kit Kemp has undertaken the interior design.

Nicola Lawrence is the exclusive online stockist in Australia and New Zealand for the hand embroidered cushions of Chelsea Textiles. The range includes the collections from the interior designers mentioned above – they are works of art.  Nicola Lawrence is able to source the hand embroidered fabrics and quilts that are produced by Chelsea Textiles. The quilts are incredible in their hand embroidery, palette, design and tactility. If you are interested in either fabrics or quilts please contact  The cushions are listed on the website under ‘Decorative Pieces’.

As Nicola Lawrence is working from the (chilly) south coast this week it seemed appropriate to post the image of ‘Exotic Palms’, a hand embroidered cushion on a linen/cotton ground. 

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