A New Collection: Georgia Macmillan

26 April 2017 | New Textiles/Wallpapers | Profiles

A New Collection:  Georgia Macmillan

Nicola Lawrence is delighted to announce that the Georgia Macmillan collection of linens, printed with original watercolour art by Georgia herself, is currently in the process of being added to the website.

Georgia is an Australian artist and textiles designer currently living in Dubai with her husband and young family and has created 15 designs from three collections, all of which will be online by mid May.  

Georgia leads an interesting life in Dubai and her collections are inspired by her surroundings there as well as her family's travels, most recently to the South/West of France and the Amalfi coast which proved to be the inspiration for Collection III.

The hand painted, watercolour card, shown which Nicola Lawrence received from Georgia recently, gives a hint of what is to come, creatively and in palette.  Watch this space.


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